Shoop says he was fired in counterclaim against Penn State

BY AP • July 6, 2017

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) Former Penn State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop has responded to the school's lawsuit against him by saying he was forced out and that he encountered ''intolerable'' working conditions.

In a counterclaim filed Thursday, Shoop's lawyers say that Shoop ''was constructively discharged/terminated from, or forced or compelled to leave'' Penn State on or about Jan. 10, 2016. They also say he ''experienced a hostile, negative work environment.''

Shoop wants Penn State to pay him over $75,000 plus because he believes the school fired him without cause.

Penn State is seeking nearly $900,000 from Shoop . The school's lawyers say Shoop was required to pay the university half his base salary for the remaining term of his contract if he decided to leave early.

Shoop has been Tennessee's defensive coordinator since 2016.

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