Report: USC could foreclose on Kiffin

BY foxsports • October 1, 2013

Last weekend, USC took Lake Kiffin's job from him in the most inglorious of ways. Could they take his house next?

According to one report they could.

When the school hired Kiffin to be the coach of its football team in 2010, along with a salary in excess of $2 million it gave Kiffin a $500,000 loan, which he used toward the purchase of a $5.5 million mansion in pricey Manhattan Beach, according to TMZ. As part of the loan the school retained the right to demand repayment, plus interest, in the event of Kiffin's quitting or firing. And after the coach was terminated at an airport with the team bus running, that stipulation is now in play, the site has reported.

The story also said that if Kiffin were unable to pay back the loan, the school had the right to foreclose on the property. Neither USC nor Kiffin has of yet responded to the report.

So much for the worst part of the Kiffin fallout being hurtful words on giant stones.

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