Manziel's wild weekend at U of Texas

BY foxsports • July 27, 2013

Like it or not, Johnny Football is one of the most popular and recognizable guys in Texas.

He won the Heisman after his freshman year at Texas A&M, parties with celebrities like Drake and 2 Chainz on a regular basis, and has that independent attitude that plenty of Texans can't get enough of.

One place in the Lone Star State where people definitely have mixed feelings about Manziel, however, is in Austin. The A&M QB has been having an epic weekend at the University of Texas, and the school's students have had mixed reactions to his presence.

Johnny was in Austin on Friday night, and an SB Nation blogger was there to record the glory. Manziel decided to take his now-famous partying talents to a University of Texas fraternity get-together. He didn't get to show off his skills for long, though, as he was quickly and harshly removed from the premises. Check out the video below for proof (WARNING: some of the language directed towards Manziel is profane):

But hey, Johnny Football doesn't let a bad party experience kill his spirit. If he did, he wouldn't be the Heisman.

Deadspin caught Manziel sticking around in Austin on Saturday in order to do some day-fratting at a Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) party. Fortunately for the Aggie, he wasn't asked to leave this event.

The only way Johnny Football could give a bigger "F U" to the national media's recent coverage of him would be by rocking a Tim Tebow Jets jersey. Wait... what!?!?!

Bravo, Manziel. This is one of the greatest troll moves of all time. Sports radio stations have been asking for Manziel to be "more like Tebow" all summer, so why not give them some more Tebow-mania to talk about?

It is no secret that Manziel wanted to go to the University of Texas but was never offered a scholarship by Mack Brown. Clearly, Manziel still has feelings for the girl that never asked him to dance. This isn't the first time he has shown some inappropriate affection towards the Longhorns:

It hasn't been the best couple of weeks for Johnny Football, as he was recently sent home from the Manning football camp for sleeping through some early-morning mandatory meetings, but at least he's having a good weekend. And as long as his upcoming season is significantly more successful than Tebow's time with the Jets, all will be forgiven in the hearts of Aggie fans.

UPDATE: Manziel took to Twitter to defend his behavior over the weekend. As Johnny Football astutely notes, none of these controversies about his off-field actions will matter if his Aggies win a BCS Championship:

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