Lou Holtz explains why he supports a candidate like Donald Trump

May 4, 2016

Lou Holtz became the latest coaching legend to back Donald Trump this week, in a short video in which he said "The main reason I'm endorsing him is I've played his golf courses, I've stayed in his hotel, he does nothing but go first class in everything."

Holtz offered a more in-depth explanation for backing Trump in an interview on FOX Business' "Cavuto Coast-to-Coast", and despite his endorsement, Holtz revealed he thinks the controversial candidate needs to be coached up to truly be presidential material.

"The comments he (has) made I thought were completely out of line. I don't believe you have to belittle people," Holtz said. "I think you need to sell yourself but humility is not thinking of yourself. Humility is thinking more of other people ... I don't agree with that (approach he has taken), but then again he's the guy."

So what makes Trump "the guy"? Holtz explained.


"He is not politically correct and everybody in the country like me, I think, is just tired of everybody having to ... say the right thing and that's not what made this country great," he said.

He added: "There was just a time for an outsider."

Asked what advice he'd give Trump, Holtz offered this:

"Be presidential and care about people. The president of the United States represents all people not just the poor, not just the immigrants. It represents all people, the successful people as well ... and show people kindness."