Listen to Miami radio call of miracle kickoff return that decked Duke

October 31, 2015

It was a week of heatbreak and heartache for Miami.

After last Saturday's 58-0 blitz by Clemson, the Hurricanes saw coach Al Golden fired on Sunday.

Then, the pain turned real as Dana Smith, the mother of star cornerback Artie Burns, suffered a heart attack. She was in critical condition Monday and succumbed on Tuesday, after a group of Miami coaches that included Golden went to the hospital to offer support.

Then on Wednesday, senior reserve defensive tackle Michael Wyche was suspended indefinitely after being charged with battery of his girlfriend.


What more could a team/school endure?

The final touch to a brutal week seemed to come when Duke's Thomas Sirk scored on a one-yard run and the subsequent two-point conversion left the Hurricanes down 27-24 with six seconds left.

And then Duke kicked off. Eight laterals and 46 seconds later Corn Elder was in the end zone and the Hurricanes had a 30-27 victory.

What happened has to be heard. Give it a listen in the audio player above. And for a longer version of call, click here.

And if you haven't seen the play yet, click here.

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