KU receivers coach Klint Kubiak can look to father for advice

BY foxsports • August 18, 2015

Everyday, it seems, people tell KU receivers coach Klint Kubiak to go home. Sometimes it will be Kansas football coach David Beaty. On many nights, Beaty says, he has to buzz Kubiak, a 28-year-old assistant coach, and implore him to leave the office and go home to his wife and five dogs.

“I have to literally call him and use bad language,” Beaty says.

Coaching is in Kubiak's blood. His dad, Gary, is the coach of the Denver Broncos. He hopes to follow in his father's footsteps. 

Nearly two years ago, the elder Kubiak suffered a serious health scare while coaching the Houston Texans. During a game against the Indianapolis Colts, Kubiak collapsed before halftime, suffering a mini-stroke known as a Transient Ischemic Attack. The cause, in part, Klint says, was exhaustion and stress.

“He overworked himself a couple years ago and had a major setback,” Klint Kubiak says. “I’m glad he’s fine now. But he’s spending a lot more time at home.”

Hard work is a great quality to have -- but balance is equally important. In that respect, Klint has much to learn from his dad's prior experiences.

(h/t Wichita Eagle)

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