K-State fights through four overtimes

BY foxsports • November 13, 2011

On to the three-ring circus that was college football on Saturday. It ends in three weeks.

The SEC wasn't very SEC-like on Saturday. Both LSU and Alabama were hungover after The Game of the Century last weekend. Both teams won Saturday, of course, but it wasn't pretty because both Alabama and LSU were too beat up after last week to look decent against Mississippi State and Western Kentucky, respectively. The final scores look like routs, but I'm happy to remind you of the LSU-WKU score late in the third quarter — LSU was up 21-9 over the Hilltoppers.

Georgia spanked Auburn 45-7. The East Division is still up in the air, but at least Georgia looks like they want it more than South Carolina, which beat Florida 17-12. Arkansas looks like a world-beater right now, and it's very possible Arkansas can beat LSU for the Golden Boot! The game's in Baton Rouge. OK, wait. Maybe not.

Louisiana Tech beat Ole Miss 27-7. Is it possible for the Rebels to just forfeit the rest of the year? Is there a mercy rule in college football?

Oklahoma State beat Texas Tech 66-6 in Lubbock, Texas. This is the same Texas Tech team that upset Oklahoma. Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville is obviously trying to repeat his up-and-down success in the SEC, and it's working. Quite well, I might add. If you want to beat Oklahoma State, here's all you need to know: The Cowboys will post at least 50 points. Score more than 50, and you have a shot. So, good luck with that.

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder has cemented his candidacy for Coach of the Year. His Wildcats went to four overtime periods before beating Texas A&M 53-50. Meanwhile, researchers at Aggieland are working feverishly to come up with some sort of cure to the Aggies' allergic reaction to double-digit leads. Since the Aggies will be in the SEC next year, we have the perfect antidote: Kentucky, Ole Miss and Tennessee.

So . . . Texas has a quarterback problem. That's it. Nothing more to see here. Move along now.

How ridiculous is this score? Houston 73, Tulane 17. If Houston keeps rolling like this, it might face Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Let's preview the Sugar Bowl right now: if Alabama loses to Houston, it will be because the Crimson Tide were flat against an inferior opponent. If Alabama wins, Houston doesn't belong on the same field as Alabama. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

It's been an awful week that rocked one of college football's most legendary schools, but both Penn State and Nebraska gave hope to everyone with a pregame prayer and a remarkable show of support and compassion for all of those affected by the awful child sex abuse allegations. The game was played in a somber atmosphere mixed with conflict and confusion.

Nebraska led 10-0 at halftime, but Penn State refused to fold in the second half, closing to three points but failing to convert a fourth-and-1 to keep the drive going. Nebraska won 17-14.

Ohio State lost to Purdue 26-23 in overtime. Obviously, playing in West Lafayette, Ind., and against ACC quarterback transfer Robert Marve was too much of an advantage for the Buckeyes to overcome. Who knew? By the way, is it me or is Buckeyes head coach Luke Fickell the twin of Adam Sandler?

Everybody else who was supposed to win in the Big Ten did — which is so refreshing for a week. But let's cut to the chase. The winner of the Big Ten championship will get crushed in the Rose Bowl by either the first- or second-place Pac-12 team or a non-AQ team with a chip on its shoulder.

The Oregon Ducks beat Stanford 53-30 in a late-night game in which Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck finally looked human. There were lots of miscues, but the Ducks managed to get their flock on and grab an early lead on Stanford and never look back. In other Pac-12 action, Southern California beat Washington 40-17 and Cal beat Oregon State — and the state of Arizona had an awful day.

The Sun Devils lost to Washington State 37-27, and Dennis Erickson's skivvies will probably need another dose of fire retardant spray tomorrow or he'll spontaneously combust and catapult into outer space like a bottle rocket. At least the Sun Devils weren't alone: The Wildcats lost to Colorado 48-29, so the Buffs have finally snapped their seven-game losing streak in conference play. Hooray. Finally, Rick Neuheisel's universe has returned to normalcy — UCLA lost to Utah 31-6 in a snowstorm. The planets have realigned again.

If you caught the Florida State-Miami game, most of the game involved watching official reviews. How bad was it? One play was reviewed three times by the replay booth. We got it right. Oh, wait, we disagree. No, wait, we were right the first time. Florida State won the game 23-19, and the MVP of the game was the officiating crew.

Miami is back. The swag. The hard hits. The knuckle-headed actions. Miami Hurricanes linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong forgot to read his NCAA rule book, ignored the talking heads crucifying Miami over the Nevin Shapiro scandal and laughed at the power of Al Golden's tie. According to a "College GameDay" broadcast, Armstrong was suspended after he took to Twitter and did the dumbest thing ever: He tweeted about meeting up in South Beach with the owner of a PR firm that works with pro athletes — and even shared a picture of his chicken dinner. Golden needs to hop on a plane and go west. Oxford, Miss., is nice this time of year. So is Tucson, Ariz.

Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech 37-26. The Hokies aren't scaring anyone right now, but part of the reason why is their schedule is as soft as well . . . a Big East team's. That's not a good thing, folks. In other ACC action, Notre Dame pummeled Maryland 45-21. Obviously, the Irish are back in the BCS bowl hunt.

Clemson looked like the Clemson we all dearly love and are intimately familiar with when it squared off against Wake Forest. It's as if the South Carolina Gamecocks infected the entire state with some sort of bird virus that takes effect only when any team from South Carolina starts to look really good. Feathers molt and tiger growls sound like newborn kittens. But something surreal happened — Clemson won and clinched a berth in the ACC championship. If Clemson wins the ACC, off to the Orange Bowl it goes. The 40,000 people at the Orange Bowl will be pumped, the other 15,000 who didn't sell their tickets to Big East fans on eBay, will not.

The Big East's highest-ranked team last week, No. 23 Cincinnati, lost 24-21 to West Virginia. Will anyone in the Big East be ranked in the latest BCS poll? Probably not. This means the conference doesn't have a Top 25 team but one of its teams will get an automatic berth to a BCS bowl that should be reserved for one of the top-10 teams in the country.

The BCS. Where Every Game Counts. Except in the Big East.

Wanted: One kicker. Must be able to kick at least 32 yards. Must pass color-blindness test. Ability to keep bench warm except for one game a season is a bonus. This opportunity includes all the potatoes you can eat, three seconds of stress a year, delusions of grandeur and great skiing when your season tanks in November. Please send your video resume and ring size pronto to Chris Petersen, 1910 University Drive, Boise, Idaho, 83725. Please mark "urgent."

I'm out like blue turf, Suck-for-Luck, field-goal kickers, replay booths and Texas quarterbacks.

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