Jadeveon Clowney was once Doo Doo

BY foxsports • August 5, 2013

Jadeveon Clowney is the most feared player in college football. He is thought by most prognositcators to be the sure-fire No. 1 pick in next year's NFL Draft. He is a Heisman favorite.

So among the many terms and superlatives tossed about to describe the South Carolina defensive end, "Doo Doo" is about the last thing you would hear somebody call Clowney. But that wasn't always the case, according to a childhood friend. In fact, the friend claims Clowney's nickname used to be "Doo Doo."

How does one wind up with such a moniker? As you could imagine, it's a little gross.

So we'll let Kansas defensive lineman Keon Stowers explain, per this KUSports.com story.

“When we were little we were in the swimming pool and he doo-dooed in the swimming pool. Ever since then, we’ve called him Doo Doo," Stowers said.

Yeah, we warned you.

No word on whether that's what Michigan players started calling Vincent Smith after this hit, but it wouldn't surprise us.

Heck, maybe he could have been an actor. Seems like he would have fit right into this famous scene from "Caddyshack":

These days, people might be calling him Flipper. We'll stick with Mr. Clowney. Or better yet, just stay out of his way altogether.

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