J.T. Barrett isn't worried about when this year will feel like last year for Ohio State

Published Oct. 30, 2015 10:51 a.m. ET

J.T. Barrett's first start of the 2015 season, a 49-7 win at Rutgers last week, was a smashing success. 

The way the Ohio State offense ground up the Scarlet Knights defense on the ground and through the air had fans rejoicing and pundits predicting the Buckeyes are truly back to their 2014 form, thanks in no small part to Barrett's replacing Cardale Jones as the No. 1 quarterback. 

If it looked like old times to fans and media, when did it feel that way to Barrett? 

He had a surprising answer during a very candid interview session this week. 

In short, Barrett feels like he is a better quarterback than he was when he set the Big Ten single-season touchdowns record last year. 

That can't be something opposing Big Ten defensive coordinators want to hear.