Good grief! Charlie Brown still stinks at sports in new 'Peanuts' trailer

BY foxsports • June 17, 2015

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Everyone’s lovable loser is coming to the big screen this November, as “The Peanuts Movie” will offer a new take on the timeless comic strip.

So will Charlie finally find success on the playing fields in this 21st-century reboot? Only time will tell, but judging by the new trailer, things don’t look good.

Of course, Charlie Brown’s story is about more than just his athletic shortcomings, and we’re guessing the movie will have a heartwarming conclusion. Until then, we only can assume one thing: that Charlie’s reputation as a “blockhead” isn’t a reference to his defensive prowess on a basketball court.

It’s no secret Charlie Brown wasn’t exactly the best athlete in the original comics.

We wouldn’t choose him for a game-winning field goal kick, especially if Lucy is the holder.

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