Gary Andersen is interested to see how his team responds to 'the first time we get smacked in the face'

BY foxsports • July 30, 2015

Oregon State head coach isn't wasting any time trying to see what his team is made of. Speaking at Pac-12 Media Days, Andersen spoke at length about how he is trying to get his team ready for the 2015 season.

One of his most interesting quotes came as he was asked about how he sees his team right now. Andersen responded:

"We are extremely youthful. How we handle adversity. First time we get smacked in the face, what's going to happen?" he said. "Are we going to put our tail between our legs and go sit in a corner or are we going to ball up and fight? We are going to They'll come out for a 16-period practice, and we'll have a special teams practice in between, so Group A comes out, group B stretches, they're all together for special teams. Group A goes in, group B practices. So it's a good way to it's also a good way to find out, because the first practices are about four hours, but that's a great, the kids are on and off quickly."

The quicker he finds out what his team is made of, the quicker he will be able to see who is fit to be an Oregon State Beaver.

(h/t Pac-12 Media Days)

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