Did Dorial Green-Beckham's questionable past resurface?

Did Dorial Green-Beckham's questionable past resurface?

Published Jun. 17, 2015 12:09 p.m. ET

By Lucas Abbott

As the 2015 season approaches, Dorial Green-Beckham has to relive his 2012 assault charge at Missouri, after the official report was released to ESPN this month.

In his freshman year, Green-Beckham was accused of pushing a woman into a door frame because she allegedly told his girlfriend of the time that he was cheating on her per kansascity.com.

This story didn’t come to light until an investigation took place, in order to study how campus and city police handle crimes committed by star collegiate players.


The study showed that Mizzou was a team that had one of the largest amounts of criminal charges towards its players in the nation.

Unsurprising to most, a large amount of the cases there were dropped, never prosecuted and swept under the rug; including this one.

Mizzou was not the only university that did this, but it certainly helped prove the point that student athletes get preferential treatment.

This crime was never punished due to “lack of evidence,” and it wasn’t until 2014 that Green-Beckham was booted from the team for the allegation that Green-Beckham forced his way into an apartment, kicked a woman down a flight of stairs, and dragged another one from the building by her neck.

This case, the charges were dropped when the woman dragged from the building (Green-Beckhams girlfriend) convinced the woman kicked down the stairs not to press charges.

In a time in which NFL players are being punished daily and kicked out of organizations for domestic violence, Green-Beckham might find himself on a thin sheet of ice, because a repetition of his previous actions won’t be hidden by the university this time.

Hopefully Green-Beckham has changed his ways, and we won’t see him made an example of by an organization that’s trying to change people’s opinion of them by harshly punishing violators.

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