Daily Buzz: Clowney rule a joke, LeGrand says

BY Sam Gardner • July 24, 2013

No doubt, you’ve seen the hit before — South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney at the Outback Bowl, decleating Michigan running back Vincent Smith so violently that you couldn’t help but wonder if Smith’s head flew off with his helmet.

In case you haven’t — side note: where have you been? — here’s it is:

Now that hit up there? That warrants a targeting penalty, according to ACC officiating supervisor Doug Rhoads, who said as much at ACC media days on Monday. And starting this season, that targeting penalty would result in an ejection from the game.

Naturally, the assertion that Clowney’s hit was ejection-worthy has college football fans up in arms -- and for good reason. Many feel as though ramping up the enforcement of such rules is just the latest contribution to the softening of tackle football.

And while I certainly appreciate the NCAA and NFL’s efforts to promote player safety, keeping in mind the concerns over head injuries, I, too, have a hard time convincing myself that a tackle like Clowney’s is one that warrants an ejection.

Clowney's split-second, instinctive, unpremeditated, and outstanding move can be characterized as a football play. An ejection? It shouldn’t even be a penalty. And I’m not the only one who feels that way:

LeGrand understands the dangers of football, and every day is a reminder of the risks players take when they step on the field. There’s nothing wrong with taking steps to ensure the safety of players, but targeting aggressive play like that of Clowney as “targeting” is the wrong approach to take.

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