Byron Marshall won't replace Thomas Tyner at RB, sticks to WR

BY foxsports • August 13, 2015

Thought to be the obvious replacement for injured junior RB Thomas Tyner, senior Byron Marshall has yet to move from his position as a wide receiver.

"Last fall camp, he was 100 percent running back," Oregon receivers coach Matt Lubick said, according to Tyson Alger of The Oregonian. "So this spring and fall camp is a big deal to work on fundamentals skills and your actual positions. He's really fine-tuned how to really run routes." 

There's still a chance Marshall becomes Royce Freeman's backup RB; however, Marshall is much more valuable to the Ducks as a wide receiver. Plus, the Ducks have backup RB's like Tony Brooks-James, Taj Griffin, Kani Benoit and other who can fill in for Tyner.

"The unique thing about our offense is when you play receiver, you should know how to play running back as well," Lubick said. "He shouldn't really be losing stuff. I'm sure we'll give him some reps back there to have a feel, but right now we want to make sure he can be the best receiver he can possibly be." 

It should be expected that Marshall will play both wide receiver and running back. However, as he's previously stated, his best chance at making it to the NFL is to be a wide receiver. 

(h/t The Oregonian)

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