Big House welcomes little package

BY foxsports • August 1, 2013

Talk about redefining the term “a fan since birth.”

According to, Dave Wozniak and his pregnant wife Dominika were en route to a hospital on July 20 to welcome their new baby daughter into the world.

When it became evident they weren’t going to make it in time, Dave called an audible and pulled into a parking lot to help his wife through labor. It just happened to be the parking lot of Michigan Stadium.

“We just went with the flow,” Dominika said. “It was stressful for (Dave) … but you are in such a special moment that you’re not really thinking a lot.”

And in what seemed like no time, little Naomi Wozniak had arrived at The Big House. It wasn’t until he called 911 that Dave realized where he really was. It happened so fast he didn’t have much time to think.

“It was literally an easy catch,” Dave told WXYZ about the delivery. “Which I guess makes it fitting at this stadium.”

The irony of it all? Dominika, a professional tennis player who coaches at University of Michigan Varsity Tennis Center, and Dave, a professor at Eastern Michigan, are both Oregon Ducks fans, having met there as students. They migrated to Ann Arbor in 2010.

No word yet on whether Naomi is planning on early enrollment.