Assistant head coach Ed Lamb always hoped he would return to Provo

BY foxsports • January 11, 2016

Ed Lamb always hoped he would return to the city of Provo, and he's finally been granted his wish.


"My key worked today for the first time," said BYU football assistant head coach Ed Lamb during Tuesday's interview. "That was the moment. Before that -- well, this building (the Student-Athlete Building) was not here when I was here. On occasion over the past several years when I've been in the area for camps or recruiting, when I might stop by and try to say hello, I didn't feel comfortable here. The first three or four days on the job I didn't feel comfortable either. Today, the key worked so that was a big breakthrough for me."


Lamb was a defensive end for the Cougars between 1994-1996, and being a part of the BYU coaching staff is something he's wanted for a long time.


"It's definitely a dream come true," Lamb said. "You hear those words all the time, but it is. I dreamed about an opportunity to come back here. This place and these people were so instrumental in my life and continue to be. To have the opportunity to come back now, the opportunity to pass that along to the players who are here now, it's very special to me personally."


BYU is getting the whole band back together on the sidelines. Now, it's time to prove that these former players can still win games.


(h/t Daily Herald)

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