Ahh! Manziel is like every young QB!

BY foxsports • July 30, 2013

Johnny Manziel is out of control, you guys. In the history of the wonderful sport of college football, there has never been a player of Manziel's stature that has been so downright disrespectful to his fans and players.

First, he gets asked to leave the Manning Passing Academy. That's bad enough, seeing as the Mannings are football royalty of the highest order. But now, he's taking weekend sabbaticals to the University of Texas so he can get his party on?

This behavior must be unprecendented. I mean, there couldn't have ever been another successful college quarterback being photographed drinking a few beers, right?

Not so fast. Let's take a minute to gain some much-needed perspective on all of the recent Johnny Manziel drama. This kid isn't the first All-American to be seen at a party, and the world didn't end when this sort of thing happened before.

Remember Matthew Stafford? You should, seeing as he is the starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions. He also won three bowl games during his time at the University of Georgia on his way to being selected first overall in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Oh yeah, and Staff also loves to party. His penchant for red solo cups definitely didn't hold him back in college.

How about Matt Leinart? The guy might not be the most successful NFL quarterback, but it's tough to find anybody who had a more prodigious college career. One Heisman trophy, another third-place finish in the Heisman voting the following year, and a BCS National Championship (that has since been vacated because of the Reggie Bush scandal) isn't too shabby.

And as good as Leinart (right) was at USC taking snaps under center, he might have been even better at tearing up Hollywood's nightlife:

These two are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out this picture of Eli Manning during his Ole Miss days, or this one of Rex Grossman holding a handle during his time at the University of Florida. All of the aforementioned athletes were hugely successful during college, and both Manning and Grossman have played in Super Bowls (with Manning claiming victory in two).

The point is: Lay off Manziel. Sure, he comes across as cocky on Twitter, and yes, he is still under the legal drinking age — but the kid is also a sophomore in college, and he is an incredible player, despite his off-field personality and behavior.

Next time you want to yell at Johnny Football, ask yourself: How would Joe Namath have fared in the Social Media Age? Manziel isn't perfect, but that just makes him more like most college quarterbacks.

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