35 years ago, Michael Jordan sank a jumper to give North Carolina the national title

BY Barry Werner • March 29, 2017

The legend of Michael Jordan took off 35 years ago on March 29, 1982, in the Superdome.

On that date, His Airness and North Carolina were facing Georgetown in the NCAA championship game.

Time was running down and the Tar Heels had the ball, trailing by one point.

Jimmy Black found Jordan, who put home the game-winning shot that gave North Carolina a 63-62 lead.

As much fame as Jordan received for his shot, an instant later, a Georgetown player wound up on the infamy side of college hoops history.

Fred Brown had the ball as the Hoyas tried to work for a final shot.

However, he passed the ball ... to James Worthy and North Carolina was national champion.

And the first chapter on the book of Jordan was complete.


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