Pacquiao-Marquez: Round-by-round recaps

BY foxsports • November 12, 2011

WBO welterweight championship bout

Manny Pacquiao (c) vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

It is fight time for our main event. Technically it is for the WBO welterweight title, but in reality it is like all great trilogy fights, fought for the championship of each other. This should be great.

Round 1

Marquez looks a lot bigger than when he fought Mayweather. The strength and conditioning obviously worked better this time around. They're feeling each other out in this first round with Pacquiao proving patient and Marquez relax. They circle and threaten each other. Pacquiao probably landed the more hurtful blows but could be given either way.

10-9 Pacquiao

Round 2

Very tactical round with Marquez trying to counter Pacquiao's flurries and keep the champion off balance. Both showing tremendous respect for each other's power, not willing to step inside the pocket for too long. Marquez doing well to move away and avoid taking significant damage when Pacquiao comes forward. Marquez connecting with the jab, and bringing the right hand in. Toward the end he starts letting the hands go with some nice uppercuts and a big right hand. Pacquiao tries to become more aggressive but gets clipped by a big right hand at the very end.

Marquez's round. 19-19.

Round 3

Pacquiao flicks the jab out to begin with, moving in with an unsuccesful flurry. Marquez lands an uppercut as Pacquiao comes in. Pacquiao is perhaps guilty of trying to force the fight, which leaves him open to Marquez’s superb timing. Marquez putting together a good combination, twice combining a body hook with a straight right. Marquez is doing a great job of stepping back and making Pacquiao miss. Pacquiao lands a couple of right hands towards the end of the round but Marquez is able to counter. Very tactical fight and you have to think that favors Marquez .

29-28 Marquez

Round 4

Marquez flicking out the jab at the start of the fourth but Pacquiao comes in with some hard fast punches. Pacquiao looks like he's moving up through the gears. Marquez misses with a couple of darting punches from distance. Pacquiao is throwing more than in the previous round but he's not landing much at all due to the superior footwork of Marquez. The Mexican is doing well to counter the bull rushes of Pacquiao. This is superb boxing from Marquez. Marquez puts together a flurry toward the end that ends with a right hand that rocks Pacquiao. The upset may be on the cards here.

39-37 Marquez

Round 5

Pacquiao starts by flicking out the jab but they're landing on the gloves. Marquez responds with some great shots to the body. On the British commentary, Amir Khan rightly says Marquez is doing a great job keeping the distance. He snaps Pacquiao’s head back with a straight punch. Marquez is just making the key movements to make Pacquiao miss. Again he connects with the jab and then ducks under a wild punch from Pacquiao. They both land at the same time. Pacquiao triyng to be more aggressive but Marquez is standing up to the champion well. Marquez again closes the round with a nice combination. Pacquiao is looking one step and one punch behind Marquez at the moment.

49-46 Marquez

Round 6

Marquez's defense has been iron-clad in this fight, with his guard up tight and his footwork being just perfect. After getting some straight rights in, Marquez spends most of the round working the body of Pacquiao. Midway through they both connect as Pacquiao comes back strong. The champion is having his best round of the fight so far. He’s pushing Marquez back, and landing the right hand more. However, too often Pacquiao throws wildly and misses, whereas the tight work of Marquez is getting through albeit in a less eye-pleasing way. Very close round but I’m leaning to Marquez who had the more consistent offense throughout the round.

59-55 Marquez

Round 7

This has been a very close, tactical fight so far and that and the slower than expected pace surely benefits Marquez over Pacquiao. The champion starts brightly but is then caught hard by a straight right of Marquez. Pacquiao ineffectively comes rushes in, opening himself to some wonderful counterpunching of Marquez. Pacquiao is looking for powerpunches rather than setting up up with body punches or jabs. Pacquiao seemingly hurts Marquez with a left hand but Marquez comes back with some very good combinations. Marquez ends the round with an uppercut. Another round for Marquez on my scorecard. Again its close but Marquez is edging it consistently.

69-64 Marquez

Round 8

Cagey opening to the round with nothing of note thrown in the first minute. Pacquiao rushes inside but he’s once again head hunting, not working the body at all. Marquez counters well, and its yet another exchange where the Mexican warrior outsmarts and outsrikes his Filipino adversary. Marquez again lands a smart right hand, he really is boxing beautifully. Pacquiao is just rushing onto Marquez’s counters. Pacquiao lands a big one-two to end the round but even then Marquez counters.

79-73 Marquez

Round 9

Marquez lands another right hand at the start of the round. Pacquiao rushes in and misses, rushing into the ropes. Marquez countering well. Pacquiao is looking very confused, just throwing wildly and missing by miles. Marquez is keeping his cool, working the body of Pacquiao and outworking the champion. Towards the end they get into some excellent dog-fights towards the end of the fight, with Pacquiao finding the fire to really put Marquez under pressure. While Pacquiao's aggression looked very impressive he didn't actually land anything so I give the round to Marquez.

89-82 Marquez

Round 10

Pacquiao looking a lot better than in the previous rounds, putting Marquez under real pressure. Pacquiao finally starts working the body, forcing Marquez to take a knee after landing a crunching body hook. It is however ruled a slip by the referee. Not sure I agree with that. Pacquiao strangely doesn't continue to target the obvious chink in Marquez's amour and instead resumes headhunting. He does however manage to dictate the speed of the fight, with the tempo of the round being far faster than the earlier rounds. Pacquiao round.

98-92 Marquez

Round 11

Given American judges preference for aggression over smart countering may mean that the scores at ringside are closer than man but Pacquiao certainly needs to put in a big two rounds to secure victory. Pacquiao really turning it up now with the champion unleashing ferocious flurries on his rival. However again Marquez is able to counter, landing beautifully clean punches while moving away from the danger. The pace drops down in the final minute with Marquez effectively countering Pacquiao's increasingly wild lunges. To me that's another Marquez round.

I know this sounds silly but I genuinely have it 108-101 to Marquez. I am not joking nor have I been given a bribe by Marquez's management team and family.

Round 12

On my scorecard if Marquez can make it to the end of this round then he’s got the victory he so desired. Incredibly, Marquez is the one on the offense, with Pacquiao unable to put together the offense and blast out Marquez as he needs to. Marquez is fighting tidy, not offering Pacquiao any opportunities for the crunching knockout blow he needs. With 30 seconds left they break to put Pacquiao's mouthguard back in. Right to the end Marquez is the one landing first.

Superb performance. Incredible. An absolute clinic from Marquez on my scorecard. I have it 118-110 to Marquez. Even Pacquiao’s training partner Amir Khan has Marquez as the victor.

The judges have it 114-114 and 115-113, 116-112 to the winner and still world champion Manny Pacquiao.

Completely disagree with that decision. I am aware there were a lot of close rounds and so my 118-110 may have been lopsided, but Marquez put on an absolute clinic tonight. The Vegas fans let Pacquiao know what they think about the decision, booing Pacquiao and chanting Marquez. A disgusting call.

Manny Pacquiao defeats Juan Manuel Marquez via majority decision 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 to retain his WBO welterweight title