'Money' eyes Miley as next ring escort

BY Sam Gardner • September 24, 2013

If you thought Floyd Mayweather’s last ring walk with Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne generated some buzz, just imagine the attention his next one will get if Mayweather follows through on his claim.

"Money" says he's got Miley Cyrus in mind to accompany him to the ring at his next fight.

Mayweather — $41 million richer and fresh off his majority decision win over Canelo Alvarez — stopped by the iHeart Radio music festival in Las Vegas this past weekend, where he sat down with Billboard for an interview.

During the interview, Mayweather said he was at the festival to see Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Drake and Bruno Mars — though everyone knows Floyd was just there to be seen. When the topic of Ms. Cyrus came up, Mayweather said she is first in line to join the Money Team for his next fight.

“I was thinking about letting the twerk queen, Miley Cyrus, bring me out,” Mayweather said.

“Why not? We've got to call her the twerk queen; yes, we have to call her that.”

Mayweather also commented on his decision to let Bieber accompany him to the ring for his most recent bout.

“When you're the best, you only want to surround yourself with the best, and he's an exceptional artist,” Mayweather said. “He's the future.”

I don’t know about “The Future,” but I’ll give Bieber credit. This . . .

. . . is sure better than this:

No word yet on when Mayweather’s next fight will be.

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