Dennis Schroder Highlight Reel | Atlanta Hawks at OKC Thunder

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Dennis Schroder Highlight Reel | Atlanta Hawks at OKC Thunder

ANNOUNCER 1: --screeners to do now is have their feet spread beyond their shoulder. So you're not allowed to get that [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: Got caught in no man's land.

ANNOUNCER 1: Schroder lines up the three and knocks it down.

ANNOUNCER 2: A series of screens.

ANNOUNCER 1: Do you call that a tear drop?

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a tear drop. These guys going in the locker room. This is another situation where the Thunder is just putting a lot of pressure on the Hawks offense.

This is Dennis Schroder with the basketball, so creative. Man, that's a stop and a hard. I don't know if that's a pop, but that's a pull back, I got plenty of time to knock it down.

Had an excellent preseason so far, folks. 22 and nine his first game. 12 and six on Friday night. Already in double figures in the first half tonight, just making it look easy.

With a lot of different plays, put a lot of pressure on Trae Young. How about that block? We talked about that. Coming off that high pick and roll, you know, he's so crafty and clever.

And guess, what? He can pass the basketball right into the shooting pocket.