Tom Herman asked if Red River Showdown win means ‘Texas is back’?

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Texas beats Oklahoma 48-45

INTERVIEWER: Tom, when you hear the term "Texas is back," what does that mean today? What does that mean in the future? And is it true?

- I'm gonna tread lightly on this one, Dennis. I don't-- It's irrelevant to us, I think, is probably the best way to put it. We're not so concerned about where people think Texas is. We're concerned about where we-- the players in that locker room. I see LJ nodding his head over here and that means the world to me. I see Sam and Charles doing the same.

The people in that locker room-- the coaches and players-- are the people whose opinions matter the most to us. And like any family, those are the people that we have to answer to on a daily basis with our work ethic with our determination, with our sacrifice. And so it would be foolish for me to not understand the big picture.

We've taken some really big steps here the last few weeks. I'm not going to deny that. I'm not going to downplay that for these players. They have taken some very important steps in this program's development. And it's progress. But we're going to worry about the opinions of the people in that locker room first and foremost.