Lincoln Riley on what went wrong with Sooners’ defense in Red River loss

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Texas beats Oklahoma 48-45

- You know, we-- [SIGHS]. We didn't tackle well. We missed too many big tackles in the open field. I didn't think we covered great, you know, we had a few too many guys just getting beat in one-on-one situations.

And then, you know, the glaring deal was just the third and longs that we gave up. You know we had the-- We gave up a third and 19. We gave up another third and extremely long, where they carried the ball about 10 yards, and gave up another couple there at the end.

So we got to be-- got to be better on third downs. We had a surge there at the end and played extremely well. More competitive, more like we expect to play there at the end. But obviously, you know, we gave up too many. And that's something we all got to do a better job with, coaches and players.