JROTC does it all at Wylie football games | Team Behind the Team presented by Jack In The Box

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Team Behind the Team presented by Jack In The Box

- All right, it's Friday night, and you know what that means. It's game day. I'm here at Wylie stadium. Have you ever wondered who's in charge of these things? Well, I'm here to find out, so let's go see.

- Oh, yeah, this will go like really far up before we actually bring it up.

- Oh my gosh. I'm not really helping, but I think I'm trying.


All right, I'm running out with the team!

All right, team ran on the field. Now we got to break this thing down.

So the pirate's going to sleep, and so are we? No, I'm just kidding. We've got a game to play here.

- So we're about to score. Would you like to run one of our AHMO flags with us?

- Well, yeah.

BRODY DAVIS: All right.


BRODY DAVIS: All right, slow down a little. Good luck!

- OK! Oh my god! I can't believe they're trusting me to do this.

I had no idea I was about to do that. I was here just to hang out with the pirate.

- One, sir!

- Down!

- Two, sir!

- Down!

- Oh no!

- That was good. I'm really impressed with what you guys do.

Two. All right, I'm tired. There's no doubt, the Junior ROTC here at Wylie is the team behind the team. OK, you all can let me down now.