FOX College Football’s Rob Stone at the State Fair

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FOX College Football's Rob Stone at the State Fair

- All right, here with Rob Stone, face of Fox Sports' World Cup.

- Nice polo shirt by the way. Where you'd get it?

- Thanks, man. You're looking sharp. Well, you know, we do a couple of d-list college football games here and there and they throw it to us. I got to start with this, World Cup, how fun was that to be in Russia?

- A wonderful adventure. You know, six weeks in a country that I've never been in before. And it ended up producing the greatest World Cup, clearly of our generation, and probably ever.

And just affirmation, I know this is a big soccer community here in the the Dalla-Fort Worth area, that the sport is here and alive and well, just like college football. It's not there yet, not there yet, but, boy, it's working on it.

- People of FC Dallas, you guys did a great job there no doubt. You're a traffic cop. That's kind of your job, man, make sure everybody else looks good, set them up. I've been in that role. What's the biggest challenge to try to make three guys like this look so good every Saturday?

- Dealing with their egos, of course. The constant demands for makeup and hair. No, I mean, the beauty of these guys is we're all friends. You know, at the luncheon, you saw us together. We're all sitting at the same table together, we're cracking jokes, we can't wait to see each other's families.

So it's a family. And then in the end, I just want them to sound and look as good as possible. In the end, that ends up making me ideally look good with my bosses hopefully, right?

- And you guys doing a great job as a team. Let's talk about this game, the Red River Rivalry. These two teams come in both ranked for the first time since 2012. It's more fun to cover a bigger game on a national scale.

- Absolutely it is. Yeah, yeah, and I love the fact that this is the first big, true rivalry game of the college football season, that they sneak it in here. And the fact that it's at a neutral site, but not like an AT&T Stadium neutral side, like down the middle neutral. And just to see the crimson and the burnt orange, to see this fanbase feeling it days ahead of time.

And for us, like we're trapped in the studio. And I love it. And I won't complain, but it can be a little sterile sometimes. It's great to come out here and smell the game, taste the game, get a real first hand impression of what these athletes are like, and the fanbases too, and just how important it is.

We see it from a distance. And we've seen it from a distance for years. But when you get here on the ground, you go, got it, I get it now, I get it.

- And the caterer doesn't have funnel cake back in LA, right?

- No funnel cake, low on barbecue, and, you know, sweet tea, running low as well, so it's good to properly clog the arteries.

- One final question for you, because everybody's talking about him, Kyler Murray. He's a setup guy. That's what he's doing. He's making everybody else around him better.

When you see this guy play and compete, is there somebody you compare him to, somebody you see out there, or just what pops off the screen when you're doing your film study?

- Yeah, I think there's a lot of Russell Wilson-esque that you can compare with him. Obviously with the dual-sport background, the size, the speed, the intelligence level. But, you know, he's like a little scat back almost. And he clearly has the other team's worry.

You know, I know they're worried about Hollywood and CeeDee Lamb, but they're saying it all starts with this little guy who's got his roots in Texas. And to me, I think he's the Heisman frontrunner.

And this is one of those type of stages where you, A, can have your Heisman moment, and you can make yourself a lifelong figure in this rivalry. To me, this is shaping up as a huge game for him.

- Rob, thanks for the time. We appreciate it. Anytime, anytime.

- Rob Stone, he's the host. Check out the pre-game show. Of course, the big game kicking off tomorrow at 11:00. Thanks, man.