FOX College Football’s Dave Wannstedt at the State Fair

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FOX College Football's Dave Wannstedt at the State Fair

- All right, here with Dave Wannstedt, of course, the former head coach of the Bears, the Dolphins, and Pitt, now working the studio stuff for Fox. Coach, welcome back to Dallas. Glad you're here.

- It's always great to get back to the Big D, I mean, for whatever reason. But yeah, great experiences here for me and my family.

- Red River Rivalry, everybody's talking about Kyler Murray, OU's dual-threat at quarterback. You're a former DC. You're used to seeing the film, breaking them down. How would you start to try to slow this guy down?

- Well, you got to pick your poison I think. The first reaction that people might happen is, oh boy, you can't let them run the football. But I think he's as dangerous throwing the ball down the field as he is running. And so the problem that that presents is now are you going to try to come after this guy and then leave your defensive backs one on one with that start group of receivers that Oklahoma has. So it's kind of a double edged sword. I think you got to try to make him drive long drives, and don't get him up the big play.

Yeah, can't get beat over the top. Let's talk about Lincoln Riley. Coach, you used to run the show. And you used to have to deal with all the responsibilities as a head coach. How are these guys doing this thing so young, so successful, Lincoln Riley [INAUDIBLE]?

- Well, number one, they have players. So he's doing a great job. And the staff is getting players. You got to have players to win games. We all know that.

But I think this year, again, with Mayfield and those guys moving on, you know, he's been able to bring players in and-- young players, and giving them enough confidence to not just play, but to win. And everyone's talking about this year [INAUDIBLE] great year. Last year, you know, he did a phenomenal job.

You know, having a Heisman candidate to take over for, and you're the offensive coordinator. And you know, we all know Baker in the offseason had little rough spots here and there. So he had a lot on his plate. And if you keep Mike Stoops, you know, the ex-head coach's brother to run your defense. I don't know how you could do a better job than Lincoln Riley's done.

- He's done a great job. Let's talk about Texas and their defense. 4-1, off to a great start. These two teams ranked for the first time since 2012 in this game. Defensively, they're getting it done in Austin. Why?

- Well, Todd Orlando, the defensive coordinator, I think he knows what he's doing. I think the players believe in the scheme, you know, from that standpoint that they're going to-- he's got them playing hard. I mean, God, even last year, to me, that's what jumped out, you know, how hard they played, and chased the ball.

And that's a foundational thing. You have to play great defense. But I think he mixes up the schemes well. He understands where people are going to attack him, and he makes good adjustments.

- Defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII, everybody knows it, Coach. Being back here in this part of the woods, what's it mean to you.

- Well, it's special. It will always be special. I mean, we had a Super Bowl reunion last year here in Dallas. Troy kind of coordinated that one. And we had-- mostly the whole staff came back, and most of the players came back, and, you know, Jimmy, and Jer.

I mean, the whole thing was first class. And these people, I mean, they don't forget. I mean, they appreciate where we were. We won one game, and then four years later, a Super Bowl. And those memories, they're a lifetime.

- Coach, thanks for the time. We appreciate it.

- Thank you. Always good.

- Dave Wannstedt, check him out tomorrow pre-game show. Big game, of course, kicks at 11 o'clock. Thanks, Coach.