FOX College Football’s Joel Klatt at the State Fair

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FOX College Football's Joel Klatt at the State Fair

- We good? All right, here with Joel Klatt, the college football analyst for Fox. The Red River Rivalry is here, man. What makes games like this so much fun?

- Well, I think this is one of the three most unique regular season environments in all of college football. You know, you can say Army-Navy is a little like this, maybe Georgia-Florida at a neutral site. But when half the stadium is one team and the other the other, it never-- like, there's a fever pitch the entire game. It's just such a unique deal.

And it's not just the tradition of the game. There's a lot on the line generally. Maybe not in the the last decade, but certainly this year.

And these teams genuinely hate each other. The kids grew up around each other. They played against each other in high school football. It doesn't get any better than this. I think this is probably the most unique, and maybe the most special environment in college football.

- You got all the ingredients. Kyler Murray, you break down more film than anybody and really do your research. If you were the defensive coordinator and had to stop this guy, where do you start? Containment, don't give up the big plays over the tops, where do you start trying to slow him down?

- Send him some bad dinner on Friday night first. And then try to mess with the lock at the hotel to keep him at the hotel. I don't know if you can slow him down. This guy is so unique.

And you're right, when evaluating, and I do watch a lot of film, when evaluating, I keep trying to compare him to somebody. And there's no one to compare him to. And the reason is is, because I candidly never seen a guy that is this dangerous with his feet, and yet such an accomplished passer of the football.

He really is a terrific thrower of the ball. And it's not just arm strength. It's not just velocity. He understands touch, he understands the schematics of the game.

He's dangerous with his feet. And not just dangerous, but he can flat beat you with his feet. So that combination is as good as any.

This is one of those guys that I think has the potential to change the way that we evaluate quarterbacks, and maybe the quarterback position moving forward, just because of that rare commodity, where he's got both running and throwing ability that is so, I think, obscenely good.

- Yeah, special talent. Let's talk Lincoln Riley. Question for you, how does a guy this young have this type of command over a program with this type of tradition? It seems like he just stepped in and hasn't missed a beat.

- Yeah. Well, I think, first of all, and this is not a knock on Lincoln, he's extremely fortunate.

- Right, the talent.

- Well, he's got tons of talent. How many times has a program that was rolling get handed to you?

- It doesn't happen.

- It doesn't generally happen. Maybe Chip Kelly at Oregon would be something similar to that. So he stepped into an incredibly fortunate situation. Having said that, he's taken it a bit to the other-- to the next level.

He's done it In recruiting I think the mentality of the team has started to change. They're deeper. They're better on defense, even though some of the numbers might not suggest that.

And this guy is just being able to get his feet wet as a head coach. He hasn't had to rebuild a program. His job at Oklahoma is significantly easier than what Tom Herman's trying to do at Texas.

But Lincoln's done an incredible job. And this is a guy that the NFL is going to come after really hard this offseason. With the way that the NFL is going towards these style of offenses, when the shorter quarterbacks like Baker, and Jared Goff, and Pat Mahomes are starting to have success, they came out of these Air Raid systems, they're going to come knocking for Lincoln Riley, there's no doubt.

- Yeah, it'd be crazy though, I think, to walk away from Norman. But you're right, I think they're going to knock his door down. Last thought for you, Tom Herman turning it around in Austin. Everybody loves to talk quarterbacks, but they're really doing it defensively. Why so?

- Well, Todd Orlando's a great defensive coordinator. They're really skilled on that side of the football. They've got big defensive backs, very talented defensive backs.

And they're still trying to rebuild their offensive line. So the offensive isn't going to be at full tilt until that offensive line is better, deeper, stronger, and more specifically, better in the run game, when they can move people. Then they're going to start playing really well on the opposite side.

Defensively though, they're aggressive. I love the schematics that they use under Todd Orlando. This is a guy that beat Lincoln Riley in OU two years ago. He was the only coordinator to hold him under 30 points last year.

I think that we're probably in for a little bit of a defensive battle. And in the last 10 quarters, this is a defense-- or 11 quarters actually, this is a defense that has only given up 30 points. So they're playing really well. That's the strength of their team.

OU comes in with the strength of their team playing well on the offensive side. It should be a great environment.

- Hey, choose who you want. But if I need college football scoop or info, I'm going to Joel Klatt. Joel, thanks for the time.

- That's what I'm talking about. We need to get on the golf course, that's what we need to do.

- We're going to do it. Next time you're back in Dallas any place you want to play.

- We got time for a quick bucket?

- Let's go him them.

- Let's go.

- Thanks, guys.