Longhorn legends explain why Texas is better than Oklahoma | The Dose

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Sports with all the side effects

- What makes Texas better than OU? I know it's an easy answer.

- I mean we got Bevo, we got Matthew McConaughey, we got Coach Brown, got [INAUDIBLE], got Earl Campbell.

- And the only reason why Oklahoma's football team's any good is because they took all kids out of Texas.

- Ooh. Good answer.

- That's what it is. I mean, it's Texas on Texas.

- It's everything. [LAUGHS] Come on, now. Everything about Texas is better than OU. The state, the team, the school-- definitely the school. I mean, our G-- we have to have a GPA to get in this school. [LAUGHS]

- Yeah, pretty much everything. If you were to think about the color, I think the colors are better. I think the state, more than anything, is better. The academics are better. The people are just altogether better.

- I sent out my tweets saying OU sucks. [LAUGHS]