Quan Cosby and Texas knocking off No. 1 Oklahoma in 2008 | Then and Now

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Quan Cosby and the Longhorns upset No. 1 Oklahoma in 2008

ANNOUNCER: Jump ball. Diving catch. Got one-on-one. And a beautiful snare. But what a catch by Cosby.

- The biggest game. The biggest rivalry is Texas, OU.

ANNOUNCER: And here come the Longhorns.

- The level of intensity and the speed, it's just a different week.

ANNOUNCER: Juggled-- Cosby's got it.

- We beat them all across that field. And it felt great putting that gold hat on. It meant everything-- every opportunity I got to put that gold hat on.

- Texas Longhorns! Texas Longhorns!

- Seeing us in Arizona, in the BCS game against Ohio State. That was another crazy, exciting game.

ANNOUNCER: And what a way for Quan Cosby to end his Longhorns career.

- And then, you know, I didn't get drafted, but went to the Bengals. I played for the crazy year in Denver with what I call Tebow crazy. And then, I finished with Jacksonville.

ANNOUNCER: Quan Cosby, you're right down there.

- Oh, he really is. I'm right in the middle of it. I end up taking on the radio gig, where I do the sideline portion for UT Football. It's a really cool way to stay very engaged with the program.

I actually have a day job. And it's really cool when you work for a larger company. And I work for Marsh. And, so, we do business insurance.

ANNOUNCER: And end zone. What a catch!

- Learning how to finish each week. We took a big step--

- I'm ready to see him and his coaching staff get it back to where we like it. You know, 10-plus wins and being in the mix when it comes to the end of the season. So I do believe he can get it done. And I'm looking forward to it.