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Team Behind The Team presented by Jack In The Box

- When you hear the name B.J. Johnson, you think Texas high school football legend, right? Well, behind every legend is their family support, and this year B.J. Will be sitting in the stands giving that same support to his son.


OK, so we're here. We're watching your son. This has got to be a special year for you.

- Oh, totally, man. I mean, for him out of nowhere it's kind of emerged, and now he's the starting receiver, you know.

- You're playing South Grand Prairie, where you played and set records. Like, what's--


KAIME STROOT: Are you going to cheer? What are you doing?

- I'm definitely cheering. Like I told him, don't let South embarrass you.



Aw. This is something funny.

- OK.

- This is the same guy that called my games.

KAIME STROOT: Some things never change.

- Although my son plays for Lake Ridge, I'm always pulling for South, because that's my alma mater. So I'm always pulling for them. Am I on the wrong side to be doing this? [INAUDIBLE] is gonna be mad seeing that.

ANNOUNCER: Watt looks to throw. Fire for B.J. Johnson in the end zone. [INAUDIBLE] Touchdown, Texas! Touchdown, Texas!

- In my senior game, which is my last catch in the stadium, I won the game against Texas Tech, but I walked out with him on Senior Day.


B.J. JOHNSON: I mean, it was tough being a 19-year-old with a kid, because I was a kid at the same time.

- You set records. I mean, you had the leading career at receiving touchdowns, right? I mean, do you hope that your son one day can have those stats? Or is it not even about that to you, it's just about having fun out there?

- You know, like I told him, I kid him all the time. I just want him to earn scholarships. I'm not for school.

- OK, the secret's out.

- What's up, man?

- You got an interview?

- Why, 'cause they dog you?

- They ain't dog me. I promise you they didn't.

- Whatever.

- First of all, can we just talk about you just beat your dad's team? How does that feel?

- Oh, I already told him it was going to happen.

KAIME STROOT: How is it that he was a receiver, you're a receiver. How's that happen?

KYLE JOHNSON: He's not better than me, though.


He's not better than me. I tell him this every day.

- Whatever.

- Boomer sooner.

- Oh! OK. Did we just hear that? Boomer sooner. Oh, now he's just trying to upset you.

- Go ahead and do your thing, man.

- All right.

- All right.

- Love you.

- Love you too.

- All right. Talk to you later.