Favorite Ball Park | Story Time with Mark McLemore

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Favorite Ball Park | Story Time with Mark McLemore

[MUSIC PLAYING] - My favorite ballpark, especially coming up, was Yankee Stadium. We didn't get to play the Yankees until maybe June or July. That was my first time in Yankee Stadium. So walking through that tunnel, coming out to the field, I had chills. I had goosebumps.

Now at that time, I'd been in big leagues, you know, three months. And they had some Hall of Famers on the other side playing for the Yankees. And my childhood idol was Dave Winfield.

So Dave Winfield comes to the plate with the bases loaded. I'm playing second base, and I'm sitting here thinking, I'm hearing the crowd going, you know, just cheering. And I'm like, man, I'm in Yankee Stadium.

That's Don Sutton on the mound pitching for us. That's Dave Winfield at the plate. Oh my god, I watched these guys when I was a kid. This is great. They're going crazy.


I was like, oh my god. Dave Winfield hit a fly ball while all of this is running through my mind. I didn't see the pitch. Thank god it was not hit it at me because if he hit it to me, [CHUCKLES] it would have rolled into center field. Or if it had hit me, it probably would have killed me.

So that was when I really realized that I was in the big leagues.