Rangers huge lead spoiled by A’s in 13-10 loss | Rangers Live

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Rangers huge lead spoiled by A's in 13-10 loss | Rangers Live

- And it is very tough when a 10 to 2 lead is not safe. And this is against one of the hottest teams going in baseball right now. And Tom, the A's absolutely spoiled what appeared to be a feel-good night for the Rangers.

- Well, it was going really well. Thank you.

COMMENTATOR 1: I'll give you your mic for the post game show, Tom.

COMMENTATOR 2: It's a nice assist tonight. Thank you.

- Just a minor problem. But Elvis hit the grand slam, put the Rangers ahead 10 to 2. It looked good.

Mike Minor had a solid start. But then the Rangers didn't play good baseball after that. They walked five or six guys. They hit a batter, and then the home run ball hurt them. They got ahead with a home run ball, and they--