Rougie Stays Red-Hot with 3 Hits, Home Run | Rangers Live

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Rougie Stays Red-Hot with 3 Hits, Home Run | Rangers Live

ANALYST: Stolen bases-- it's kind of a lost art in the game today. And I think the Rangers are showing with Rougned Odor and with the way that they ran the bases today that they think that this can be a big part of their offense.

- Do you know how much they practice now, stealing? I know that you are recently retired from the game. So you just don't see the numbers as high as they were way back when, especially, Rickey Henderson, Vince Coleman is. How much do you guys really practice that art if you're only going to attempt 20 to 30 stolen bases in a season?

- The last coach that I really had that emphasized it was Gary Pettis who was, at first, our first-base coach here, and then third-base coach my last year here, who is now third-base coach with the Astros. And he would get some guys, and we would go out and we'd do some early work, maybe 2:00 to 3:00 out there, where we'd really just work on our first few steps and how we read the pitcher and what to look for, if there's anything about the pitcher where when he comes [INAUDIBLE], that we can maybe cheat and get a few steps where we know he might be going home, and then to time him the right way.

And then once that comes into play, then just the general mechanics. How do you get a good first steps? Because the first two steps are really what help you to steal a bag. And Delino DeShields is great at it. Rougie's been doing great all series long. And as I mentioned, I mean, it's just one more aspect that if the Rangers can incorporate this, it's going to add some wins to the win column.

- It's also fun, from just a spectator standpoint, Leslie, to watch guys try to steal bases and be successful.