Kaime & Grubes’ terrible fútbol flop for the World Cup | The Dose

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Sports with all the side effects

- Hey, guys, it's Kaime.

- And I'm Grubes, welcome to "The Dose."

- So the World Cup's been going on for a few weeks, and you guys know that we like to participate, whether it's basketball.


- Baseball. And of course, a little.

- A little futbol.


- I did not-- did not touch your leg. Get up, you're fine. Yellow card, what?

- Lower body injury.

- I don't even know how to play soccer. All right, well one thing's for sure, we are definitely not World Cup soccer players. But why were you rolling around so much? I never even touched you.

- It's futbol, wink.

- Catch you next time on "The Dose."