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American League Wild Card Race | Rangers Live

- --look at the wildcard. And we're not even at the All-Star break, and it seems like it's pretty much over in the American League.

- It's amazing that we're pretty much at the halfway point. And last year, Minnesota Twins end up winning it. And when we look at the standings last year at this time, Mac, compared to this year, you look at, hey, the Red Sox and the Twins, they ended up holding on. Both those teams ended up near the halfway mark and making the playoffs last year.

When you look at what happened between three through nine last year at this time, everybody's in the race. The Rangers at 500 are in the race.

Now you look at this year, Mac, and it's a totally different story.

ANNOUNCER: It is a totally different story. Even though you've got teams that are statistically in the hunt, when you're six, seven, eight, 10 games behind, it's really hard to make that ground up. The Angels may have a good chance if they make some moves at the All-Star break. But it's going to be a very, very big battle for them to try and get to a postseason slot.

When you're trying to make up a 12-game deficit, man, that's hard to do when you've got all those different teams to jump over and still continue to win. Because you're playing all those teams, so you're not going to win every game. So it's going to be some up and down there. So it's a tough battle.

- What will be interesting is, Mac, as so many teams, since the added the second wildcard, they say, I don't know if I want to trade to get something, or I want to trade to give something to somebody so I can help out my future. This year is going to be very different. You'll pretty much know the five teams, at least in the American League, that are going to be buyers.

And pretty much, every other team can look at and say, hey, our chances aren't very good. And so, for the first time in a long time teams can kind of look at each other, Mac, and say, OK, we're the buyers you're the sellers, correct?

- Yeah, I think so. I think you're right. So I think there's going to be a lot more activity this year than in years past with the trade deadline coming up. It'll be interesting to see who goes where, what teams really go all in, what teams stand pat and say, hey, we think we've got enough to win it all. So it's going to be interesting over the next month or so.

- And that was the big argument when Major League Baseball added that second wildcard, just to keep more teams in it. I don't remember it ever being like this.

- Now last year in the National League, it was kind of like this. There were three teams competing for two spots. But in the National League this year, it's wide open like it was in the American League. But for the last few years in the American League, you're right, Rico, it's been a very competitive eight teams or nine teams competing for the five spots.