Jeff Banister on Rangers losing 2-0 to Twins

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Jeff Banister discusses the Texas Rangers tough shutout loss to the Minnesota Twins in the series finale on Sunday.

- Thanks very much. Well, a really good streak comes to an end. But today, Bartolo was solid for you guys. What did you see from him?

- He was really solid. I thought a great mix of fastball location, pounding the strike zone with all of his pitches. A couple of hits early, but I think he recognized that and went to the changeup.

But really, just a command of his fastball throughout. Hit all quadrants. Managed the game well for us. Giving up only the two runs. But I thought Bart threw the ball extremely well.

REPORTER: How much was it that the offense just didn't have something today, or that Berrios was just really good.

- Well, Berrios was really good. Sometimes you got to tip your hat to a guy that throws the ball extremely well. We saw him last year, very similar stuff. Electric fastball, very loose arm. It's hard to pick up to the release point off of him, mixed with a solid breaking ball and changeup, just kept us off balance.

Anytime we hit the ball hard, it was at somebody. I think really, there in the first, our only real run scoring opportunity, not getting the run in there. If we get a run in there, maybe a little different story.

REPORTER: So another streak starts again tomorrow.

- Well, we're going to get after it tomorrow. It would nice to get back home in front of our crowd. We got a tough San Diego club that's playing well coming into our ball park.

We got to get back into that offensive approach. Love how our guys are playing right. Some great energy.

REPORTER: All right.