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- Hey, guys. It's Kaime.

- And I'm Grubes. Welcome to the Dose!

- Well, in honor of the NBA draft tipping off today, we thought we would dress up-- what are you wearing?

- Well, I was actually inspired by our good buddy Jahlil Okafor and his amazing suit.

- I can actually see that. And you know? You look really nice. All right. So we thought we would take a look back at some of the crazier outfits from the past.


GRUBES: Wow, Caris LeVert looks like an angelfish.

KAIME: Yeah, not to bring up more animals, but Buddy Hield? Reverse penguin all the way.

GRUBES: Look at Chris McCullough. Straight out of the 80s.

KAIME: Yeah, and Andrew Wiggins. Recognize that pattern from my grandma's couch.

GRUBES: And look at Joakim Noah. Great outfit, but man. That is an amazing crop of hair.

KAIME: Oh man, this one's easy. Drew Gooden? Totally Dr. Evil here. [LAUGHS LIKE DR. EVIL]

Man, they sure do look spiffy! I think we'd fit in nicely.

GRUBES: Oh, darn right we would. And good luck to all the potential draftees this weekend. We know you're going to look great.

KAIME: Catch you next time on the Dose.