Jeff Banister talks WILD FINISH to walk it off against Rockies

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Jeff Banister discusses the wild ending for the Texas Rangers to defeat the Colorado Rockies in walk-off fashion on Sunday.

REPORTER: What do you got to say about that one? That was pretty, pretty wild.

- Yeah, it was. And it was I tell you, kind of the epitome of the game. And if you, if anybody ever thinks there's no passion or emotion in this game, at the end there, hugging a young man who's day three in the big leagues and he's pretty emotional and on Father's Day for a lot of different reasons.

And to have a young guy come up in that situation and get a big hit for us. These guys play with heart and passion every single night, but every single day, and they never start competing, none of them. Everything they do, their mindset is that they're going to win a game until they don't.