Jeff Banister on Fister’s night before being injured in loss

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Jeff Banister discusses the Texas Rangers loss to Houston on Friday night.

- Some balls that didn't get hit really hard inside that inning. There were some balls up-- some ground balls that got through. Still, the sinker changeup combo was a solid combination for him. He kind of settled in and didn't give up anything until the home run to Bregman there. I felt like it even after the four runs, he threw some quality pitches.

REPORTER: Jeff, in that second inning where the ball is hit to-- Kemp hits the ball to Odor, is Guzman supposed to peel off right there, and Fister covers the bag? I don't know if it matters, because as fast as Kemp is.

- Yeah, it's one of those things that he made a move try to get back. It was going to be a tough play. It's a fast runner. Don't know that Fister's actually going to be able to get there in that situation. So anytime that first baseman can get back, he's a guy that we'd like handling the baseball. It was a tough baseball play. I mean, guy's a speedy runner, and that's speed will do to you.