Parents bring infant daughter to first Rangers game in ‘bucket list’ moment

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MLB - Parents create bucket list for dying baby; check the 'first Rangers game' off the list

- Fan at the game time. And this may be our tiniest and sweetest. This is baby Scarlett Raymond. She is only three months old. She's not going to be with us for much longer. And so her parents decided to make her a bucket list of things you wanted to do with her. And at the top of that list was a Rangers game. Why did you decide here? And why the bucket list?

- Well, we just know that every little girl has to go to a Rangers game. And so we wanted to bring her here. But we've been told that she just has a few weeks left with us.

But it's up to the Lord how long she's with us. But we're just so excited to be able to mark this off and let her live it up.

- We are glad that you're here. We're glad that she's here. And our prayers are with you and your sweet girl.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, Emily.