Jesse Chavez on longer relief outing, loss to Los Angeles

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Jesse Chavez had to come in for the Texas Rangers and eat some innings in the loss to the LA Angels on Friday.

REPORTER: Bannister just said you were the story of the game. What worked for you out there tonight?

- Just coming in attacking, getting ahead and keeping the ball down. That's what I was trying to focus on getting up in the bullpen. I knew today I would have to eat some innings and try and keep the bullpen out of it.

REPORTER: Eat some innings, did you expect five?

- Every time I go out there I expect it. To save the bullpen and keep the guys fresh for the rest of the weekend.

REPORTER: It's tough duty to be for the long role. I mean, you come in either it's way ahead or way behind. How do you put your arms around that one?

- Just get a fastball ready. Whichever fastball it is, just good extension for me is over the years that I've learned how to do that. Whether it's going like tonight, five, or three, or one, or 2/3 of an inning, just getting a fastball ready to get extension and I think everything else will fall into play with all the off speed stuff.

REPORTER: You've done this well this season. Do you feel like you've had a good season? Saving the bullpen tonight?

- Yes And no. I mean, there's been ups and downs, but I think for the most part on nights like tonight it's a good one to help save the bullpen knowing that that's my job. Go out there and eat some innings.