Banny protects his Players, Gets Tossed | Rangers Live

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Banny protects his Players, Gets Tossed | Rangers Live

- Mike, what about that going-- you know, he gets tossed and all that, you know, for his young pitcher. I said, I got to do this for my young pitcher.

- Yeah, you just you have to protect your guys, you know? And I think of guys like Bobby Cox, who was really good at doing that when he was a manager with the Braves. And you have to stick up for your guy. Leclerc threw a well-executed 3-2 pitch that the umpire-- honestly, it looked like he flinched on it. It looked like he wanted to call it and then he decided not to, which even makes it kind of worse from a player/coach's standpoint that you see the umpire want to give it to you and it doesn't happen.

And you know, Banny did what he had to do as a manager in that situation. And it just so happened that there was another guy that came up. And Jepsen gave up the hit. And it ended up not being a win tonight.

- Here's what I'll-- here's what I like about being on this side of the camera. He blew it. It was a strike. He started. You want to get that call. As soon as you see that umpire flinch, he knows it's a strike. You look back at it. And he may or may not admit it afterwards, but he blew the call.

Now, you still have to go out and execute pitches, make plays when you need to make them. And he just-- Leclerc wasn't able to do that. So that's really the bottom line. Yeah, you want pitches. You want it called. You want them to go your way. When they don't, you still have to stay under control and be able to finish it off.

- Yep.