Tough Eighth inning leads to tough loss | Rangers Live

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Tough Eighth inning leads to tough loss | Rangers Live

- It's a tough situation to be in. But like you were saying, Mike, he's got to be able-- or Leclerc has to be able to control those emotions when things don't go his way. If it's a pitch that-- you know, that gets called a ball that should be a strike, you still have to control those emotions.

If you get upset with it or with the umpire or whatever, you still have to channel that in a positive direction not in a negative situation-- or not in a negative way. And it looks like that's what happened again tonight.

- It's one of the toughest things to do is to let go what just happened. Because what just happened was you thought you were out of the inning. And you're not out of the inning. And so now, you have to execute one to three more pitches, however many it is, to get out of the inning. He couldn't do it.

But hopefully from this, you know, the next time he gets the ball in a one or two run situation in the seventh or eighth inning, he knows what went wrong, why it went wrong, and then you make the adjustments. And you become a better pitcher for it.