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Ross Barnett Reservoir - Part 2 | FOX Sports Outdoors Southwest

BARRY STOKES: Here's one. Here's one. Got one. Good, good, good, good. Drifting down through here, spider riggin'. Oh, that's-- that's another decent fish. Come up here, buddy. Get in my net. Get in my net. All right.

Well, we're still out here on beautiful Ross Barnett, and let me tell you something, that's a good, solid crappie, and that's just the average fish for here. I will tell you that if you come to Mississippi crappie fishin'-- here's the jig, I'll show you all the set up later on, I'll show you all the gear.

But if you're coming to Mississippi fishin', you've got your choice between all these different lakes. The biggest ones, traditionally, live in the oxbow lakes, like Washington, and also live in Grenada. Those are your biggest crappie. Those crappie can go, easily, over three pounds.

Here at Ross Barnett, 2 and 1/2 is really kind of the upper limit. There are some three pounders in here that get caught occasionally, but not like up at Grenada, and not like at Washington. So if you're just looking for more numbers, and just some good, solid fish, then Ross Barnett is definitely a good place to come. There's just a good, average sized fish, good keeper.

You can keep 30 of these a day, by the way. So there's no size limit on them, no lower sized limit. So, really, you can keep any size that you catch. But you can keep 30 of them a day if you can catch that many. If you're catchin' on a good day, you could catch that many here.

All right, we're going to release that fish. We're going to put that beautiful baby back in that beautiful sunshine right there, and away she goes.

One thing you can see I am doing is I'm quadrupling my chances here. I've got these spreads out with my rod holders. And the area that I'm fishin', in fact, I want to show you just a quick shot on my Lowrance Elite-Ti, it's my big 12 inch unit here, it gives me great clarity. Great in the bright sunlight like we have today.

But you can see all the bottom contour here. And I'm fishin' a ledge, a drop off. And you can see some of these waypoints that I've got marked down here. It's where it drops from about seven feet to about 12 feet, and it's just a ledge down through here. And it's got a lot of brush, and stumps, and a lot of cover on it. Right now I'm just gently spider rigging these jigs, right across the tops of that brush, trying to keep the jigs just above the brush so they don't snag.