J.T. Barrett becomes Ohio State’s all-time passing leader after going 56-0 against Rutgers

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Ohio State crushes Rutgers 56-0.

ANNOUNCER 1: So a first down at the 40. Barrett on the keep and JT Barrett with some running room. Barrett exploding into the secondary and down inside the 25 in the arms of Damon Hayes.

ANNOUNCER 2: Down where the ball is, it's six inches.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he finishes the final six inches. Mike Weber in for the touchdown. At quarterback, the give to Martin with running room. Martin with a first down. And Martin down at the 26 in the arms of Jordon Fuller. Unit before the game, all on hands work. On second down, pass tipped, juggled and intercepted. Donte Booker with the pick off the deflection.

ANNOUNCER 2: And because of the tight coverage, oh, it's tipped first and then threw his hands and then Booker.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mike Weber, the tailback. Hill in motion, Weber for the end zone, Weber for the touchdown. His second.

ANNOUNCER 2: Rutger's a little late to get ready.

ANNOUNCER 1: Barrett trying to take advantage.

ANNOUNCER 2: Too much time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nobody open. Now he finds his man. It's Dixon all alone. Dixon, trying to get to the end zone. He'll high-step in for six. Barrett, good protection, had time to find Dixon again. Dixon with blockers, Dixon down the sideline, tip-toeing in. Dixon, did he step out? No, touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Barrett had a lot of time to look down the field, as he does now.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he's found Benjamin Victor, and Victor inside the 35. Rutgers a 46 yard gain.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Victor has to wait for this. If this ball is thrown out in front of him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hill, the motion man. Be Weber, up the middle, and Weber twisting towards the goal line. No signal yet. They'll unstack it and touchdown. Guys that they brought in to bolster some spots on this roster. Third down and seven.

Lewis on the roll, fires and that one is intercepted, picked off by Damon Webb on the dive. Barrett, for Victor, jump ball, Benjamin, Victor with the touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 3: I had a pep talk with myself about stressing over the things you can't control.