Colin reveals the biggest beneficiaries from the Carmelo Anthony trade

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Colin reveals how the Melo OKC trade will affect the West.

- So what did OKC do this weekend? They went desperate. The team photo will look great. Melo can't shoot a three. Westbrook can't shoot a three. In an analytics league, three ISO guys. Knock yourself out. Carmelo is now traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Yeah, he couldn't stand being in Denver. I'm sure he'll love this. Paul George was bored with Indianapolis. I'm sure he'll love this. Two players who have moved out of cities acknowledging they want the big city vibe are now in the least glamorous NBA city. But, rumor is now that D Wade is also a player OKC is interested in. Perfect.

Melo can't shoot threes, Westbrook can't shoot threes, and Wade can't shoot threes. Analytically, this is a mess. But the Buffalo Bills do this, and the Seattle Mariners have done this. When you're not a free agent destination, you've got to roll the dice, and that's what OKC did. I think they'll be fun. I think the team photo's gonna be an all-timer. It'll look like an Olympic team. Westbrook, and Melo, and Paul George.

But you know who had a good weekend? The Lakers, because Paul George is going to play with two ISO guys who don't like to play defense, and are statistically two of the worst defensive guys in the league. So Paul's going to be the only guy playing defense. He didn't want to stay in Indianapolis because that wasn't lively enough for him. Let's go to OKC. Melo wouldn't stay in Denver because it wasn't lively enough for him. Let's go to OKC.

Desperate teams create desperate measures. They'll be really, really fun to watch, but I'll put my money on Houston's analytically superior combination of players over Oklahoma City's combination of players. Fun to watch, though, listen. I'm gonna watch OKC. I mean, I slow down on the highway when I see a car wreck. I'm not going to lie to you. I mean, it's good. They're going to be fascinating to watch.