Nick on Cowboys’ offense: ‘Dez Bryant is the X-factor’

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Nick and Cris discuss Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant's rapport.

NICK WRIGHT: The Dallas Cowboys offense, as potent as it is, is a bunch of, they are a bunch of known quantities. You know what you are going to get from Ezekiel Elliott. Last week notwithstanding, you know you're going to get four and a half yards a carry, 100 yards, if given the ball enough.

You know what you're going to get from the best offensive line in football. More often than not, your quarterback's going to be clean, there's going to be at least one running lane open. You know what you're going to get from Jason Witten. Nothing spectacular.

CRIS CARTER: Absolutely.

NICK WRIGHT: He's going to run the route precisely. If you need six yards, he's probably going to cut it off at seven. He's not going to have any 70 yard plays.


NICK WRIGHT: You know what--

CRIS CARTER: He's not going to drop a touchdown like he did last week.

NICK WRIGHT: Correct. Like he is-- you know what you're going to get from Cole Beasley. Like it-- that doesn't mean it's great stuff but there are a bunch of known quantities.

CRIS CARTER: Cole Beasley is probably the third best slot receiver in the NFL.

NICK WRIGHT: Right and you-- he is limited to a degree but he's consistent.

There's no pun intended here. Dez Bryant is the X factor. Dez Bryant is the unknown quantity with this team. This team last year, was one of, if not the best offense in football. Well, they weren't the best offense, that was Atlanta. But one of the best offenses in football last year. And they did it with a mediocre production from Dez Bryant, really all year until the playoff game.

If Dez Bryant and Dak Prescott, because I'm not going to remove all responsibility from him, can develop the report that Dez and Tony Romo had, that is the only way this offensive goes to another level. They don't necessarily need to go to another level. But if they are, it's not going to be because Zeke gets better. He can't get much better.

It's not because Witten gets younger, or Beasley changes, or the offensive line gets better. The one gear that is not in full throttle is the Dak and Dez relationship.