Watch Man City vs Shakhtar Donestk in the UCL LIVE on Facebook!

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Catch Manchester City vs. Shakhtar Donestk LIVE on Facebook!

RACHEL BONNETTA (VOICEOVER): Manchester City can't stop scoring.

ANNOUNCER (VOICEOVER): Once again, Aguero!

RACHEL BONNETTA: Sergio Aguero, Gabi Jesus-- the Blues have been running up the score on everyone lately, and it's been pretty awesome to see. Especially because it's been on Facebook for free. What, are we living in 2035? No, it's 2017, and it's awesome.

On Tuesday, we'll be broadcasting Man City's next Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk live on Facebook, and we want you to be a part of our show. First, find our show page by searching "Fox Sports Champions League" and click that Like button.

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Both these teams won their opening Champions League match, so the goals should be flying in. Do you really wanna miss that? I didn't think so. We will see you right here on Facebook Tuesday at 2:30 PM Eastern. And don't forget to like our page.