Young Texas Tech fan recovering after getting struck by foul ball

Sitting in the stands at a baseball game has always posed a risk for fans with foul balls flying into the crowd at a high velocity. One fan felt that risk head on during the last regional game between Texas Tech and Louisville.

Ethan Chavez, who was at the game celebrating his eighth birthday, took a foul ball right off the cheek. The impact was so strong you could see the stitch marks etched into the side of his face leaving fans at the game and TV viewers worried about his well-being.

Ethan’s dad, Eric Chavez, tweeted out a photo later giving an update on his son’s condition. While the photos show a lot of swelling, thankfully Ethan suffered no broken bones.

That’s one tough 8-year-old!

And although Ethan’s allegiance is with Texas Tech, Louisville tweeted out its support of the recovering mini Red Raider.

He also got a surprise visit from Texas Tech head baseball coach Tim Tadlock and INF Josh Jung.

Something tells us this isn’t the last time we will hear from Ethan Chavez. Texas Tech Baseball 2028?

We wish you a speedy recovery, Ethan.