Witness’ claims about Brent’s actions disputed

The attorney for Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent, charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of a teammate, reportedly vehemently denied claims by a witness that Brent had to be begged to pull his friend out of the burning vehicle.

Meanwhile, another witness surfaced Tuesday to confirm some of the details of Stacee McWilliams’ story about the accident scene.

Brent, a nose tackle, was arrested and charged early Saturday morning after a one-vehicle accident on State Highway 114 in Irving, Texas. His teammate, practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown, died as a result of injuries in the crash.

McWilliams told The Dallas Morning News and its website, dallasnews.com, that she had to plead repeatedly with Brent to get a screaming Brown out of the overturned vehicle as it began to burn.

Brent’s attorney, George Milner, said in the report that McWilliams has continued to “spread lies about Josh.”

“This woman, while present in the area of the accident, could not have seen or heard any of the things she said about Josh,” Milner said. “It took me two phone calls to the Irving Police Department to determine half a dozen facts within her reported story were incorrect.”

Milner, a well-known criminal defense attorney in Dallas, said he has confirmed inconsistencies in McWilliams’ statement after contacting investigators.

“She has now admitted she was not that close to the actual scene,” Milner said in the Morning News report. “She admitted she had been drinking that evening. Her statement regarding the placement of Mr. Brown’s body is inconsistent with a dash-cam video.”

Milner also said McWilliams described Irving police officers as using a medical device on Brown that they do not carry.

“It is believed Mr. Brown was already deceased and could not possibly have uttered the calls for help claimed by Ms. McWilliams,” Milner told the Morning News.

He later added: “She has still not signed her statement to the police.”

Police spokesman John Argumaniz told the Morning News via email that he could not comment about Milner’s claims or those of the witnesses.

Another witness to the accident scene, Pam Johnson, said Tuesday she heard Brown “moaning.”

Johnson, however, refuted McWilliams’ claim that Brent was reluctant to assist Brown. While she agreed that Brown was still alive at the scene, Johnson told the Morning News that McWilliams only spoke to Brent once, and her only words to him were, “Well, pull him out.”

“She [McWilliams] did him an injustice by talking about him,” Johnson said in the report. “I don’t even like the Cowboys. But I don’t think it was right to talk about somebody like that. Just from looking at him [Brent] you could tell he was walking around trying to figure out what to do.”

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